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May 24, 2012
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May 24, 2012
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A Chance Encounter With Kellie Blair


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It’s funny how sometimes a chance encounter just happens. A mate had a room booked at the Grand Hyatt but very early into his stay, something came up. The upshot here is he contacted me asking if I was interested in taking his room for the night. As I was doing pretty much nothing at home I jumped at the chance. It isn’t very often I have the chance to stay in such a nice place. I quickly make my way to the Hyatt to meet my mate before he had to be off so I could get his key card. What he hadn’t told me though is the room was near the top of the building!!

So thinking…. if I am now staying in a beautiful room at the Hyatt, I figured I just cant be there alone… ;) so after a couple of calls and texts, I had set up a few hours of fun with Kellie Blair. I had met her at the recent drinks and we have chatted many times in the “hunting ground”. We were intending on getting together some time soon anyway so this is just fate intervening to make it sooner than later. And sure enough, a few hours after my arrival, I receive a text from her to say she had arrived. Meeting her in the foyer she is looking beautiful in a tight short dress and heels. With a gentle hug and kiss we head up.

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Now up in the room, I pour us each a glass of Sav Blanc. As we take in the views from the huge window, It isn’t too long before we start to kiss. Our kissing quickly becomes more and more passionate and our clothes are quickly being discarded. Kellie works her way down my body while stroking RuPeePee to attention until she takes him in her mouth. This is definitely something she enjoys as she is really devouring him using a lot of tongue and hand, with a substantial amount of attention to the twins. I need to stop her now before she gets me past that line and also so I can get a taste of her.

With her sprawled on the couch in front of the window, I begin working my way down her body. Her breasts are just awesome. SO soft! In fact at the recent drinks they were voted the softest breasts there…… :lol: Her nipples seem to jump to attention as soon as they are paid any sort of attention and just keep getting harder and harder. Working my way down she is indeed wet and ready. Her response here is undeniable as she groans and moans to my every lingering touch. Eventually with the aid of a couple fingers, she cums in waves of pleasure, holding my head tight. Of course I am a bastard and I continue on her long after her climax subsides ;)

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I think its about time we took in that view again so Doggy in front of the window seems to be a great idea to us both. This is one position that many seem to enjoy and Kellie is no exception. It really isn’t long before she is off again… and again…. and again….. though I don’t think she was getting a very good view of the scene before us, though she did head butt the window a couple times. With a laugh we decide we should make our way to the bed before she gets injured…… :lol:

After a quick splash of wine on the way she jumps on the bed and while laying in front of me, she devours me again. I think she likes RuPeePee… ;) I could let her do this all night. As much as I am enjoying this, I just want to be inside her again, to feel the warmth of her. I mount her in Mish and slowly we get into a rhythm. With her breasts bouncing about I just have to take one in my mouth, in fact, both of them in turn. We move through a few variations of Mish with a lot of kissing and general passion. Things just keep getting hotter and hotter.

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With her legs now on my shoulders I really start pounding away. She just LOVES this and wow, I thought her climax’s earlier were intense but they really are nothing compared with the way she is going off now. She is bucking and lifting off the bed as she looses it big time. The look on her face will be etched into my memory for a very long time…. Not to say I am stopping this though ;) . We move through a variety of positions leaving us both very breathless. Into doggy again we begin with a nice slow steady pace. Nice and gentle. A direct contrast to the pounding from just a few minutes ago.

With Doggy building more and more pace, we decide to try something a little different. With a bit of Lube applied, we move into Greek. Though it is an extra to me it was one well worth taking. Ever so slowly RuPeePee slides in, very shallow at first just gradually getting deeper and deeper as she adjusts to the fit. Slowly and eventually we build to a gentle pace making sure her feedback is positive. With nothing but green lights presented to me, we get deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

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While pounding Greek in doggy, Kellie is getting lower and lower on the bed, eventually we slip into caterpillar. The absolute closeness of this position is good reason why it is a favourite of many. Kellie turns her head just enough for us to be in DFK while RuPeePee continues his battery of her. This is getting intense and she has had a couple anal orgasm’s already. I slip up into Jockey and continue ramming into her. This is the first time I have done Greek in Jockey or Caterpillar but it is sure to be something I will do again. WOW it is intense.

Eventually it really is getting to the stage where we really need a rest. We pour some more wine and have a quick clean up of the area. We share a quick shower to wash some sweat from each other and well, just for the excuse of having a shower together ;) . We chat and laugh and share a snack I had prepared for us. I figured we will need some energy… some body fuel…. Sitting together on the couch cuddling we converse on many subjects. Some personal, some general. She is an intelligent young lady and even though she hasn’t been in the private industry for very long, she has certainly learned a lot and has a genuine love of sex and mutual pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, while we are chatting she is fiddling with RuPeePee and in no time, he is up and ready. She takes him in her mouth again and tenderly and slowly goes to work on him.

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We move back to the bed and with me on my back, Kellie mounts me. She slides down slowly while we kiss. Our kisses are becoming deeper and deeper as I begin thrusting from below. Kellie pins me down, and grinds herself into me. She is using RuPeePee as a G-spot stimulator which is fine by me as the feeling I am getting from this is almost as intense as the feeling she is also getting. Soon after she climax’s she moves to ride again in Asian Cowgirl. Sliding up and down slowly and deeply until with a gasp from her, I take over the pace and suddenly drive in deep…. She moves down so I can take her breasts in my mouth.

I push her onto her back and into Mish we go again. Passionately kissing we continue. The levels of intensity get higher and higher and we move into Doggy yet again. We are going off and Kellie has her face buried in the pillow. I am not giving her a chance to get a breath back and she is far from complaining :P . I move her onto her back again and with her legs on my shoulders, really pound harder and harder. This is INTENSE. This is quickly becoming both our favourite positions as she just looses all control again. Once again, I am seeing that look on her face that remains etched in my memory. I continue again with both legs on one shoulder and while holding her legs together, really thrust away. Desired effect is reached over and over but she has much energy. There is no doubt about her energy levels as she can just keep going. But she is desperate now to make me cum so she tells me I just have to let her do her thing….

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With me now on my back Kellie pounces on RuPeePee and goes to work on him. Running her tongue all over him and applying a lot of attention to the twins while stroking him, she is pushing all his buttons. Sliding him between her generous soft breasts she swaps between sucking and Spanish, All the while stroking and rubbing the twins. RuPeePee is a stubborn bastard though she is not going to give up. While sucking and stroking at the same time he is getting closer and closer. She moves him back into the warmth of her breasts and strokes him till it’s just too much and he unloads all over her breasts. She continues rubbing him well after the last convulsions and my sensitivity is becoming mind numbing. I think I asked for that…

After a quick clean up and some more wine we both collapse onto the bed in each others arms. We gently kiss and stroke each other while getting our breath back. Once again we are chatting and laughing about the past hours of intense fucking. Considering this was all a chance meeting it really has worked out extremely well. Eventually we both fall into a blissful slumber. Gradually we both wake and see the night has now gone. We get up and take in the view from the window and shoot a few pictures. We dress and prepare to leave making sure we have everything. On our way out we notice the view from the other side of the building.

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Thank you SO much for your time Kellie. I must add here that Kellie has been more than generous with her time. Of course we hadn’t planned to fall asleep but these things happen when so much energy is used… :D Setting up this meeting was completely effortless. Considering short notice bookings are something new to me, I found the way you handled it was very professional. And of course the intense session we had will be in my mind for some time. I have a feeling there will be more of that in the future.
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Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair is PRIVATE Melbourne Escort for men, women and couples specialist. Impeccable reputation with over 45+ positive reviews since entering the industry in 2012. Genuinely bisexual, sexy and passionate.

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