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October 24, 2012
Passionate fun with Kellie
November 24, 2012
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As our first ever adventure into keeping company we were lucky enough to enjoy an unforgettable night with the beautiful Kellie Blair recently. Kellie was so warm and approachable during our emails that we had only a few nerves before her arrival, all of which quickly evaporated once we met her.

Kellie is a stunning woman, eyes you can drown in, the kind of curves dreams are made of and lips which just beg to be kissed, her pictures although breathtaking really don’t do her justice. She is an honest and open lady, happy to talk about her own experiences and journey, polite yet always with a hint of wicked playfulness.

After a very enjoyable dinner we returned to our hotel, both very nervous, but again Kellie is a hard lady to stay nervous around, and with a gentle hand and calming first kiss she is leading me into my first bisexual experience. With a very talented tongue flickering across my nipples, fingers and toys bringing me through orgasm after orgasm. Unrushed she invites my husband to join us which leads me to going down on Kellie, an experience never to be missed; Kellie is a responsive lover, guiding me from her nipples to taste her on my lips.
For couples, ladies and gentlemen I cannot over state what a sensual woman Kellie is, everything about her drips passion and intimacy, every kiss, touch feels natural, from the moment she led us to our bed to the moment she kissed us goodbye in the morning she was fantastic company, caring, considerate, erotic with just the right touch of mischievous wickedness.

If ever you get the chance to enjoy Kellie’s company we cannot recommend her highly enough, we are one couple who are already looking forward to her companionship again soon.

November 2012 by member Perchance2dream

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Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair is PRIVATE Melbourne Escort for men, women and couples specialist. Impeccable reputation with over 45+ positive reviews since entering the industry in 2012. Genuinely bisexual, sexy and passionate.

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