Q & A Information Before a Booking

Q. Why haven’t I responded yet to your request?

I usually make an effort to respond to txt within a couple hours depending on the time it was sent or within 24 hours for email and I check them once or twice a day. Make sure you have contacted me in the way that suits the time you want your booking. So if its same day request then texting me will get you the quickest response. Likewise if your communication with me was rude or you are obviously wasting my time, like asking for pictures etc then I probably won’t bother replying. Please make sure you keep your emails/txt clear and courteous. 

Q. Can you speak to me on the phone before booking?

YES but sometimes I can't always take your call, so I prefer email or text initially and then I can call you to discuss.  If you do call and receive my auto txt message back, then either leave me a message or txt me an appropriate time to call you back and I will.

I endeavour to speak to every new client before I accept the booking, as I can get a feel for how we are going to connect by speak that you can't from txt.  My website provides lots of information and pictures.

Q. Am I affiliated with an agency?

NO. I'm completely Independent Private Escort, & not affiliated with any agency.  This is my own business & I answer every single enquiry myself. I do all my own marketing, advertising, responsible for my business & reputation. I have no booking agent pretending to be me, like some. You can rest assured that your dealing with me at all times. In fact I speak to each new client most of the time to see if we are compatible and whether I'm the right person for them.

Q. Do I require a deposit when making a booking?

Yes for bookings over $1000 & Overnight bookings.  If I haven't seen you before I will require a deposit of $150 paid by direct deposit and funds cleared in the account before we meet, and the balance to be paid in CASH on arrival. For bookings made in advance, I may accept the full amount by direct deposit, but the funds must be cleared at least 2 days before the day of our booking.

 Q. Do I provide an In-call service?

I ONLY provide In-calls in all other states on my tours, except Victoria. Unfortunately due to laws I cannot provide incalls in Victoria, however you can organise a hotel for us to meet up or I can help you with this, so call to discuss, as I know of a lot of nice cheap 4 star places where we can play.
In all other states & when touring, you can visit me in my 4-5 star apartment.

Q. Where can I provide Outcall Service?

I will come to you & I am available within 2 hours notice at least. Notice of least 24 in advance, would be greatly appreciated.

Residential area metro & outer - I will visits residents, however depending on where you located there will be charged a $50-$100 to cover a driver cost & some areas may incur a travel fee. I also will require a deposit of $200 for all residential clients that I haven't seen before, with the balance in CASH when we meet.
Hotel clients in the CBD or metro - no deposit required however I will need a check in name & room number, so to confirm you are actually at the hotel.

Regional area - Minimum of 2 hour booking plus a travel fee, calculated & depends on how far out of the metro area This type of the booking cannot be a spur of a moment & I will need a deposit $200 plus travel fee paid before our meeting, with the balance in CASH when we meet.

Bookings longer than 5 hours will require an overnight accommodation in at least 4 Star hotel.
Some Bookings will require a non refundable deposit of $200 to secure the booking before the meeting, with the balance paid when we meet. Balanced paid on arrival in CASH ONLY.

Q. When are am I Available?

I am available 10am till late on Monday to Saturday, I will take bookings on a Sunday however it needs to be minimum of a 2hr booking & arranged before hand. Notice of least 24 in advance, with a confirming txt on the day, are greatly appreciated and can easily be accommodated.

Spur of the moment bookings are also always welcome, however I cannot guarantee availability & will require 2hr notice. Morning appointments are best arranged the night or day before. I am available late on Friday and Saturday night, however I would prefer you to not be intoxicated or high on drugs, as this always results in disappointment for you, and I hate to disappoint, as I pride myself on my service.

If you have a particular date in mind or time, please call me to discuss, so make sure I will be available & able to cater for your needs. 

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Q. What if you need to Cancel?

Sometimes things happen, life happens and you may need to cancel, this is understandable, if it's a feasible excuse and enough time for me to cancel without incurring costs then no problem. If a non refundable deposit has already been paid then then it's at my discretion if & how much of it is returned, depending on the amount of notice given.

However it's last minute, that is considered as disrespectful as you haven't considered anyone else & the inconvenience that you may have caused. I not only may have incurred costs to accommodate your booking but I have turned other work down as I have committed to seeing you. As there are some that make a habit of this and are well known, I've had to put a policy in place. If you have cancelled a booking previously, a deposit will be required.

Last minute cancellations will result in a loss of deposit plus any other monies to cover any costs already incurred for your booking (e.g. flights, accommodation, driver/security, equipment, outfits etc), with the balance if any returned to you, into a bank account.

If for some unforeseen reason I will need to cancel, which to date has only happened on less than a handful of occasions, then I will offer you a reschedule date & time. If we cannot come up with a suitable reschedule solution & you can't accept the new booking date/time, then I'm happy to refund any monies paid into a bank account, minus the deposit, to cover time and expense already outlay.  Please Note a refund of the deposit is at my discretion and circumstance.

Q. What Payments do I accept?

CASH Only payments on arrival.

Some Bookings will require a $200 non refundable deposit ($500 for an overnight booking), to secure the booking before the meeting, by direct deposit with the balance paid in cash when we meet. (Speak to me for more payment options)

Unfortunately due to some unscrupulous people I can no longer offer credit card payments. An incident where a transaction was reversed 3 months after the booking had taken place, has left a sour taste in my mouth and I'm not willing to take that risk again.  Sadly It's always the minority who ruin it for everyone else.

If you need to use your Credit Card, I will accept Gift Cards or Store Cards e.g. Coles Myer gift card, to the value of the service, this can be done at any post office or Coles but call me first to discuss this option. Contact me for payment option details.

My prices are fixed & up to my discretion to offer a discount. Bartering or haggling over the cost will offend. I also do not accept (Drugs) as a form of payment, it doesn't pay my bills, so the only valid form of payment is CASH. 

Q. What information do I need from you?

Hotel -  I require your

  • name used to check in at the hotel,
  • hotel name & address,
  • hotel room number,
  • mobile phone number.

This is for my own security and confirmation and is non-negotiable. I will ring through to your room to confirm that the information is legit before I accept the booking & If this is a problem for you then our booking will not go ahead. This information is completely confidential, not shared and only used for the day of the booking.

Residential - I require your

  • name,
  • address,
  • mobile number.

If I haven't seen you before I may require a deposit by bank transfer if booked in advance.  Also depending on the distance from the CBD or if the booking is after midnight, I may have minimum booking requirement or a travel fee.

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