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Before making a booking, make sure that you check my Play-Etiquette page and my Booking information page, both pages will answer a lot of questions and tell you what the dos and don'ts of making a booking.


How to make a booking

I make bookings by appointment only so please call in advance as I do not want to disappoint, and I will do my best to accommodate within a couple of hours’ notice.

Initially txt or email only, as I can't always answer my phone, however I will need to talk to you before we go ahead with a booking. My phone doesn't accept private numbers, so make sure your number is shown. Also if I can't pick up, leave me a message with an appropriate time to call you back. I endeavour to reply within a couple of hours to call or txt, and within 24hrs by email, in the times I'm available. DISCRETION, yours and mine are of upmost importance!!!!


Same day booking requests

To ensure the quickest response time to your enquiry, it is better to contact me on my mobile number. You can reach me on: 0477 205 105  I can't always answer your call, so initially it's advised to SMS me and I will get back to you as soon I can.  If you do call me then just note that my phone doesn't accept calls from private numbers, and make sure your phone isn't set on private. If you reach my message bank, don't waste your call & leave me a message, speak clearly & leave your name & number.  I have auto SMS app on my phone, so If I miss your call a txt will be sent, just reply with your details and the best time to contact you & then I will.

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Q & A Information before Booking

Why haven’t I responded yet to your request? I usually make an effort to respond to txt within a couple hours depending on the time it was sent or within 24 hours for email and I check them once or twice a day. Make sure you have contacted me in the way that suits the time you want your booking. So if its same day request then texting me will get you the quickest response. Likewise if your communication with me was rude or you are obviously wasting my time, like asking for pictures etc then I probably won’t bother replying. Please make sure you keep your emails/txt clear and courteous. 

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Play Etiquette

Things you need to know before we meet for our Play Date • Please ensure the right money is an envelope ready & either hand it over at the start of our encounter or have it somewhere visible preferably with my name on it. That way we can get it out of the way & get on with the fun part of our date. • Make sure that there is no one else in the premise when I arrive. • I always endeavour to arrive on time, and will keep you informed as to whereabouts close to our meet time, so I would appreciate the same courtesy. So please don’t be late, & if you are delayed please let me know. • Ring and cancel or postpone if something has come up, as my time is just as important as yours.

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Future Booking requests

You can email me on or use the form below, and I will endeavour to get back to you within 24hrs. However if it's for a same day request, it better to txt me.

Information to include in all enquiries

Please include the following information, to save time and effort and make the booking process run smoother.

State your enquiring from,
Date you would like to meet,
length and type of booking
Use the form below to contact me, however if your request is for today, then please TXT or CALL me 0477205105 (no private numbers).

Note: Sorry My phone doesn't accept calls from private numbers.



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