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Hot threesome, busty blonde & buxom brunette. What an experience!
January 21, 2013
GFE or PSE – is all great with kellie B!!!
January 24, 2013
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Well, I’ve been a naughty boy in more ways than one. (And no, my name isn’t Brian). I have had the great pleasure of having the Misses Blair and Alexander (naughtiness number 1 – forgivable, even commendable) and then not providing a review of the delightful proceedings (naughtiness number 2 – see review http://forums.punter…2-kellie-blair/ – reprehensible). I’m about to commit naughtiness number 3. There’s a certain inner tension to be relieved before I can continue. Please excuse me. I’ll be right back……………………………..That’s better. Now where was I? Oh yes!!

Having enjoyed a marvellously relaxing afternoon with Kellie, I heard that her partner in crime is to conduct a tour in our fair city. What else could one do but to book a double with such a delightful pair of minxes.Some rapid communication via PM and, “Voila”, job done.

So to the day in question and the scene of the crime.

Melbourne, late January, 35 degrees plus in the shade, a serviced suite on the outskirts of the CBD. The door is opened and I am confronted by a delectable quartet, er uhum, sorry, delightful duo. (Freudian slip). Taylor presents more than well in a very short, sleeveless blue dress while Kel is looking fantastic in a light blouse and short skirt. Hellos said, kisses and cuddles exchanged, we adjourn to the living room which has a magnificent view of the city skyline. More importantly, it has magnificent air conditioning.

So on to the initial discussions while we get used to each other (after all, it is the first time that Taylor and I have met “in the flesh” so to speak). Settled on the couch, lost in and admiring the view (blonde and endless bare leg on my left and brunette with incredible cleavage on my right, or was it the other way round? Cleavage to the left of me, leg to the right? Who cares? There’s not much better view to be had) we enjoyed very chilled white wine – sauvignon blanc of course.

There was much verbal intercourse, touching, feeling, stroking and other general foreplay. It finally got to the point where I had to interrupt and claim time out for a shower. The ladies excused me and while I repaired to the bathroom. They found the bedroom and prepared for the naughtiness to come.

Taylor then came to find me attired in some very sexy underwear. Of course, being the gentleman I am, I came to full attention and followed her to the bedroom to find Kel in a similar state of deshabille. What a magnificent sight!

I was immediately told to lie down and pay attention (or something like that). What followed was the stuff of dreams. Pure 24 carat gold. Two hot, moist tongues began to trail themselves over my body, Not just randomly either. There appeared to be a logical and pre-determined destination. “Yes!!” said the brainless one, “I can take plenty of this!!”

In your dreams buddy!

Nevertheless, he did seem to be in control of himself for the moment.

So he enjoyed the attention of two hot moist mouths and tongues devouring him. Meanwhile, four bare breasts appeared seemingly from nowhere to tickle and delight the rest of my anatomy with the tralings and teasings of four equally erect nipples. From time to time, one of these delightful erections deigned to let me sample their taste and texture. Things were cumming to a head so to speak.

But I was wrong. A sudden interlude, a scramble of tits and arse and I found my view obscured by the delightful sight of Kellie’s derriere and even more delightful pussy and clit. Who am I to refuse such an offer so graciously made? Tongue hanging out, I began a most delightful “chore”. Wriggling and moaning from the aforesaid, Miss Blair indicated that I had hit the spot.

Meanwhile, Taylor had been preparing her own little surprise for me. The brainless one found himself engulfed by “fire”, rapidly followed by “ice”. At which point he paid even more attention to proceedings if that’s possible.

And so events progressed in this fashion for a while, me enjoying said view, and tasting Kellie’s delightful juices, while the brainless one continued to enthuse about his personal environment. But then it was “All change”.

The awe inspiring Alexander cleavage becme readily accessible and was accepted with no hesitation. and the Blair oral skills went into overdrive as Kellie took over the fire and ice duties in my nether regions. But I had to sample Taylor’s sweet pussy also. And it certainly is.

So we continued with a mixture of moanings, groanings, slurpings and wrigglings until the brainless one requested that he be sheathed in the velvet softness of the delightful pussies on display. Request granted. It didn’t take too long for the moist friction to bring him to a delightful explosion.

Lying there spent, I could only think “There can be no better way of spending a summer afternoon”.

Eventually, we disentangled ourselves and got more cold wine. Much giggling, joking and carrying on. Lovely!

But of course, being male, we know how these things end and there was a delightful reprise of the earlier proceedings before we parted company.

Kellie and Taylor are a delightful and well matched couple who know how to make a man vibrate and explode with pleasure. No more recommendation is necessary.

January 2013 by member Phlithy1

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Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair
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