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April 24, 2012
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Hello fellow members

Late Friday, after a long week at work, i had an urge to catch up with Kellie. I have been looking at her website for a couple of weeks, however her traveling when i am in Melbourne and me being away when she was In Melbourne did not allow us to meet.
On comes Friday late at night and after contacting her on the Forum, we ended up booking a time for just after Midnight.

I make it to our CBD hotel room close to Crown Casino and we meet at the Lobby with the two guys at the desk looking at me with an envious look. The reason? Kellie herself. She appeared with a sexy black dress and her awesome cleavage on display. And i could not keep my eyes off it i must admit. We finally make it to the 11th floor room where we have a nice view of the city and Crown casino. After the donation was handed over, Kellie pours us a glass of wine to calm my nerves, we try it..and then we sat on the bed in order to get to know each other. That happened with an extra long session of DFK. She is a very passionate kisser and that is due to her mediterranean background, Clothes get removed and she has hot very smooth silky skin. We lay on the bed where the DFK continues and we get to remove our underwear. She moves down rubbing her awesome breasts on my body. Just the feel of her nipples stroking backwards and forwards on my body manage to awake my member from its late night sleep. Then she gets to work on it with her lips maintaining eye contact. Now in my book to have a lady like Kellie on the edge of a king size bed giving you a world class BBBJ is a good way to take away the stress of a busy week.

In the meantime I-pod is playing softy music in the background and lighting is perfect…I nearly get over the edge however i always like to make my lady finish first, then i like to finish off. We both lay at the bedhead and my hands wonder down inside her with my two fingers looking for her G-spot. She is very responsive, once i find it and she quickly has a lengthy orgasm where here whole body shudders around my fingers.
Then on with the Dom in order to have my member relax from all this commotion. Watching her DD breasts move backwards and forwards with each of my thrusts and her muscles contracting to my rhythm were extracting every sense of pleasure out of me. I really wanted to cum on her breasts and when I was ready to explode off came the condom and she kindly accepted my load.

I was spent, we both went to the shower where we cleaned up and we spent the rest of the session (2hrs) talking like old friends over a glass of wine or two.From our chat i find out that she is a very level headed and mature minded person. We DFK in the end i went back home a very relaxed and satisfied man.

Will i return? yep!

Thanks for your patience in reading my first review.

March 2012 by Member Pierre78

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Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair is PRIVATE Melbourne Escort for men, women and couples specialist. Impeccable reputation with over 45+ positive reviews since entering the industry in 2012. Genuinely bisexual, sexy and passionate.

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