My Journey so far

In 4 enjoyable years within the industry, I have acquired a wonderful reputation amongst punters and other working girls.  With over 41 positive independent forum reviews, and more on Private Girls, my own site and other advertising websites.  I have visited and worked in every major city around Australia, creating a following of wonderful lovers with some who will wait patiently for my return to their town or home to Melbourne. One of the joys I find in this profession is the opportunity to visit different parts of Australia as well as the world, meet lovely people, have great sex and earn an income at the same time.

Highlights of 2015 would be, being featured in the October Issue of Australian Penthouse & 'Miss September' in the Penthouse 2016 Calendar, an achievement I'm very proud of & the photos in last shoot, in my opinion are my best to date, I love them.  I did so much travel in 2015, even though the downside is being away from home every 2nd or 3rd week, the positive is meeting and spending time with so many amazing guys and girls all over Australia, and seeing them over and over each trip makes my job so fulfilling as I'm doing something right. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to travel and work anywhere I desire.  Fingers crossed in 2016, I hope to venture oversea, destination unknown as yet, and I can cross that off my bucket list, my first International experience. 

I'm very selective with clients and who I choose to spend my time with, I never offer to do anything I'm not comfortable with or don't enjoy, as to me money isn't everything. I won't accept a booking that requests a service I'm not experienced in (e.g. BDSM) as I would never want an end result to be a disappointment.  I would rather recommend another reputable lady more suitable and experienced. Coming from a sales background, I believe in providing great customer service from the initial enquiry right through to completion and even beyond in many encounters.  Hence, why I don't believe in taking just any booking or seeing everyone, as I would want my client to leave anticipating our next encounter and totally wanting more.    

That is how I view all of my 'play dates', much like we are old fuck buddies.  Yes, there's a money transaction, but once it's sorted, I want us to enjoy our moment in time and for me to provide you with what you want and need.  I have a very high sex drive with most nights I find myself having to fix that yearning out of my own accord.  I have such an insatiable appetite for sex, I actually love everything about it, the feel, taste, my addiction to orgasms, the smell of sex on my body afterwards, the visions and sexy scenarios that turn me on, the list goes on.  In addition, I also have a love for porn and with me, SEX has no rules or routine.  I say if it feels good just do it.  I'm very open-minded and adventurous, a naughty sex kitten behind closed doors. I have actually been a swinger for 6 years and absolutely love being in a group scenario or have multiple partners, male or female.  I love being watched and also love to watch and have nearly crossed off everything on my sexual bucket list.  You can read more about my swinging adventures by visiting my blog.

I'm genuinely bi-sexual and enjoy pleasing both males and females.  I love watching the look of surprise and pleasure on their faces as they climax and I've been told by other women as being the best they've had.  I have found in the 3 years that I have had many couple & bi-double bookings and with over 50% of my enquiries coming from couples or requests for doubles, I actually now specialise in Couple bookings, Bi-Double bookings and this year, I can now add Swinger Companion, due to an increase in inquiries after I launched my blog.  This is something I really love to provide as a service, especially if it's a first time or fantasy to cross off and experience and as mentioned before I don't do anything I don't enjoy, and I want to blow your mind with the experience.   In all my encounters I aim to please, give you what you want, and for you to come back for more.  

I have a very womanly curvy hourglass figure, 36DD-32-36 Size 10-12 AU, with natural DD breasts that are both soft and responsive.  I absolutely love my body and my boobs, so do my many lovers, and even though I have dropped a dress size from when I started, I don't plan to lose anymore.  Sexy isn't what size you are, it's an attitude and confidence.  When you feel sexy, then this is what you project to others.   

I'm sexually confident, sexy and cheeky, and more so than ever, you'll read over and over and those close to me will also know, that I'm genuine, easy-going, laid back, with a 'you only live once' attitude to life, sex, love & family. I'm passionate not just in the bedroom, but in anything or anyone I believe in or care about it. Passion may be associated with me being European, but so are strong family values, and all my closest friends I consider as family as there isn't much I wouldn't do for them.  I don't have two personas, and if you follow me on twitter and then meet me, you will know I'm exactly how I am online in my personality, my wicked sense of humour, sexual confidence, and also in my photos. To this day I haven't had a single person turn up and say I'm not what they expected, in fact I constantly get told 'I'm even better in person' or 'my photos don't do me justice' but I don't mind surprising people - in good way. I'm just ME .. genuine, loyal, passionate, I say it like it is, with a laid back attitude.  I have a strong belief in Karma, the good in people, and to live and let live, with a passion to experience everything my heart desires and what life has to offer.  

♥ Kellie xxx ♥ 

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