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June 6, 2014
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Things that turns me on

I've been asked to write a blog for Jonslist website.  So I thought I would share it here with my followers & clients also, as my next  post.

I love everything about sex. The feeling of it, how different it tastes each time, the feeling you get in the heat of the moment. When I’m in an intimate moment with someone, nothing else matters. I love being in that moment, enjoying the acts of pleasure committed.

Different things will turn each of us on. As for me, turn-ons I find in my partners are little things like the smell of his after-shave and a nice smile. Physically I adore a man’s chest and arms with him being impeccably dressed in a suit followed by an attentive gentlemanly attitude who knows how to treat a lady right. Sexual turn-ons for me is a guy who adores my body and assets, who is a passionate kisser, who knows I like being kissed on the back of my neck and who we both understand as a chemistry where you can’t wait to get home and rip your clothes off.

I had a booking not long ago, where I as soon as I knocked on the door and the door opens with him standing in the doorway wearing nothing but a towel, low upon his groin, exposing great chest, and set of arms. All that went through my mind at the time was “OMFG”. We then proceeded to have a session that was so hot and passionate, it was ultimately mind blowing. I left satisfied thinking “And I even got paid for that - awesome”.

Another encounter comes to mind. This time in Sydney. I had a dinner date with a favourite man, there was not only dinner and wine but also a lot of teasing that led to enormous sexual tension. By the time we got back to his room we barely got through the door when we started kissing each other and begun tearing each others clothes off. The doorway was still ajar when we stumbled into the bedroom with an urgency to get things heated up. What followed was a night of great sex which I would rate out of this world, & eventually just from exhaustion and total satisfaction, we fell asleep. However, I woke up horny and my vibe died, so I proceeded to wake him at 2am for more & then of course some more sex in the morning to start the day right. 😉  Well if it's so good, you just want more, more, I right?  That night was filled with all my ultimate turn-ons and one experience where I hope will be just as if not better that that evening when I see him again.

I’m already worked up thinking about it and eagerly await the date where we can just carry on where we left off. Chemistry like that doesn’t happen with everyone, but when it happens it’s just so awesome.

My other turn on is watching porn. Scenes I tend to like are girl on girl action or the latest one in my favourite list is a hot brunette getting her first gang-bang. Other turn-ons include reminiscing about hot scenes with past lovers, kissing a girl I find sexy, going down on a girl and making her come. Then of course are my experiences swinging. The club and scenarios, playing with other girls, being watched while I’m playing or performing a sex act on a partner, and ultimately being desired by my partner and others at the club as they watch me.

I find wearing sexy lingerie, stockings or a smoking hot dress or outfit always makes me feel sexy. And when I feel sexy, I’m definitely in the mood. Also I'm turned on by my partner's reaction when he sees what I’m wearing for him, or the effort I put in to please him. A partner who buys me a gift, who goes to extra effort remembering what I love and puts it together to seduce me  is also a turn on.

A full-body massage while he’s naked, I love candles and is indeed such a nice touch will always put me in the mood and is another total turn on. So much that to the point I would struggle to keep my hands off him by the time it’s over.  Also what turns me on is a lover who is concerned about me and what makes me feel good, enjoying it just as much or more than himself.  Someone like that makes me want to give them even more. A man that can take charge, who can dominate a little like being blindfolded and pleasured, who then takes his time, who may use his tongue, fingers and cock to bring me pleasure, is definitely also a turn on.

Not all girls are the same, but this is my list and writing this blog has actually turned me on.

Kellie xx

Kellie Blair - Melbourne Escort

Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair is PRIVATE Melbourne Escort for men, women and couples specialist. Impeccable reputation with over 45+ positive reviews since entering the industry in 2012. Genuinely bisexual, sexy and passionate.

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