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September 24, 2013
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December 14, 2013
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Gary Santos - August 2015

The Prelude

Finally decided to do my first over nighter.. The night before Melbourne Christmas drinks Night…

And another 5 Overnighters prior to Christmas… Busy little boy… First One decided had to be Kell… All locked in to easy…

Hotel and Restaurant booked (Sofitel) ..

Checked into Hotel about 50 mins before Kell got there… All set up… And text from Kell saying she is on Ground floor lift lobby..

Go down lifts open to see this stunning lady in front of me… She walks into lift… The door shut yes nobody else in the lift…

Then a lovely Kiss and Cuddle.

Then get into the room.. Cracked open a lovely bottle of bubbles..

And a little conversation about different things that have happened to each of us since our last play date.


Main Event..

Then after a bit more of conversation, The Kissing and Cuddles become more intense,

the clothes just seem to fall of all by themselves, and the playing with Kells lovely Breasts… Hehehehe

Then next

Yes like normal for me this all becomes very blurry… I have already reviewed Kell… I probably should go blow by blow…

But this time i will do it differently ( I did like Drewboys approach in one of his reviews )

For the next couple of hours we explored each other’s body, something I had been greatly anticipating.

There is allot that could be written, but just to highlight the key points of playtime with Kell Round 1:

  • Kell is a great kisser – initial lips pressing against each other developed into DFK.
  • Kell’s breasts were wonderful to kiss, suckle and feel up.
  • Kell’s oral – just the right amount of attention. Great pressure with her mouth, deep insertion and great use of her tongue.
  • DATY on Kell – pure pleasure.
  • Sex – various positions, starting with cowgirl (Kell has an abundance of energy), doggy, Mish, Caterpillar and finishing in Spoon.

I have no idea really how many times Kell has cum… But all the moans and groans… All i can say is she did enjoy her self… Hehehehe…

Next… Shower time… Get Dressed and walk to the Restaurant…

Wine was Great… Food was Great… But then again kell order a steak and i order the salmon don’t get me wrong the fish was great but Kell gave me a taste of the steak and that was to die for… But best of all the Company was Great…

Then Back to the Apartment… Then it doesn’t take long at all to get into round 2.. half way through i am really get up a sweat..

And Kell was really enjoying her self.. Then shortly starting into spoon… That’s it for me… Dipper jnr is out for the count… lol

A little clean up… Some more Kisses and cuddles and lights out for the both of us.

We both woke up some time just before 7… Some conversation about our days…

then some kisses and cuddles and playing with Kells Lovely Breasts… Then you guessed it Round 3…

Straight into BJ, CG and then in spoon after some time… That was it for me…

Shortly after this we both shower and get dressed an head down to get breakfast… Then after our fill…

Head back to the apartment… Final check of the room..  We say our Goodbyes, Then Kell Departs..

I do one last check of the place and soon after depart as well…


Wrap up…

Kell is great, She is very easy to be around and loves to please, and also loves to be pleased.

Which is what i am after going down this road. But Yes i will be seeing Kell Again. That’s a most Definite.

November 2013 by member Dipper

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Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair
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