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November 21, 2012
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December 10, 2012
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A little while back I was pleased to see Kellie say she was coming over to Adelaide so I made a time. On the day of the booking the weather was perfect as I headed into town, I stopped at an ATM and for the first time in 30 years it malfunctioned on me, ate my card! Agghhh, thankfully I already had my play money but I waited in vain for it to reboot to see if it spat out my card, then a further 20 minutes on 2 calls to the bank to cancel the card, Somehow I got to Kellie’s hotel on time, exchanged a couple of texts and I was knocking on her door.

Kellie looked great, dressed all in black lingerie as per her website photo, a big passionate kiss to welcome me, this was to be repeated many times. I gave her a bottle of Nepenthe Adelaide Hills Sav Blanc which she opened and approved. After a few sips it was agreed I was over dressed, so strip and shower with kisses thrown in.

Onto the bed where there was more kissing and a slow reveal of Kellie as lingerie was removed, oh those soft breasts with big lick-able nipples.
We continued in this passionate state before Kellie moved down to give frog jnr a good sucking!, she worked him over in what was the first of three superb blow jobs. Now frog jnr doesn’t come easily these days but Kellie worked away and then just before I wanted pussy, there is n a knock on the door, wtf!, mini bar service lol, I had pussy service in mind.
Then the final reveal as her panties came off and we went into a 69 before I moved around for a full on assault, Kellie was wet and responsive and she came wonderfully.

More passionate kissing and cuddling before condom time and Kellie sprung a surprise by providing a vibrating cock ring, mmm this was going to be fun.
We started in mish before Kellie said “on your back”, we engaged in vigorous cowgirl with me thrusting up in response to her riding and grinding. We continued till exhaustion, Kellie came again but frog jnr was being stubborn.
After short break in which I removed her stockings to show her lovely little suckable toes, Kellie then went to work on frog jnr. with mouth and hands as she was not going to be defeated, it felt sensational and after considerable effort by her , she succeeded and frog jnr was spent.

We had a break, I found Kellie easy and engaging to talk to with the most wicked smile all the while I was being peppered with passionate kisses.
We then did some mutual masturbation as Kellie gave a display of the capabilities of pink toy and her resulting orgasm.
I was having a great time, I was loving Kellie’s version of GFE that was passionate, naughty and engaging.
Some where in all this was another huge DATY and fingering session with a very very wet lady, my beard was soaking.

We raised something we had discussed in the chatroom which gave her an idea, she put a blind fold on me the started to work my body over, I loved the idea of not seeing ,the anticipation of what would be touched next, Kellie moved onto frog jnr and again worked her magic, at one point she swung her leg across and planted her pussy on my mouth, being a nice guy I did the right thing and started licking. Kellie got frog jnr over the line again with the help of vibrator on my anus (liked that hmmm) and we stopped for final kiss and cuddle before it was time to go.

I found Kellie to be genuine and passionate ,the experience was true GFE. Probably getting an idea about someone through the chatroom helps but still it was a most pleasurable encounter.
Kellie is hoping to return next year and I think she has wicked things in mind for me !

November 2012 by member Froggy (Adelaide Tour)

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Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair is PRIVATE Melbourne Escort for men, women and couples specialist. Impeccable reputation with over 45+ positive reviews since entering the industry in 2012. Genuinely bisexual, sexy and passionate.

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