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December 31, 2013
Double Trouble: Kellie Blair and Honey Squeeze
March 24, 2014
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It all started with drinks, other escorts, a pornstar, strippers, and it ends with a kiddy pool, seaweed goo, ridiculousness, and all out debauchery. This is the story of CM Punt vs. Kellie Blair and Constance Azura in a two-on-one handicap match!

I met Kellie briefly at the Melbourne birthday drinks two years ago. Admittedly I don’t remember a whole lot about that night, but established that she was a nice person. We would run into each other at a few more drinks nights after that. At one of these drinks nights, I met Constance Azura. Throughout the night, it was the three of us and Lucie Bee hanging out, and even pashing each other. It was when we all went to Bada Bing with some of the other punters and escorts at the drinks where I knew I had to book some combination of the three for a doubles booking. As much as I would’ve liked to book a triples booking, I simply don’t have the cash for that. Anyway, the three girls hit it off with one another, and I knew that I’d be in for one hell of a booking if I could ever arrange something. It did take some time – more time than intended due to conflicting schedules, my budgeting, a cancellation, and even a jaw injury on my part, but last month, it all finally happened! I would finally face off against the duo of Kellie Blair and Constance Azura!

Heading to the hotel, the stipulation of the bout had been kept under wraps. All I knew is that I had to book an extra hour. I arrive at Kellie’s hotel, and then Connie joins us later. Gotta love Sydney traffic, right?! So, what is the surprise I’m in for? Connie pulls out of her bag of tricks a kiddy pool! We are all to “wrestle” one another in a kiddy pool, and… we’re going to be doing it while covered in nuru! It’s a recipe for disaster, but as most people would say, fuck it! As my generation would say, YOLO. Prior to the booking, I saw the wrestling gimmick coming, but the nuru caught me by surprise. I had always been curious about the stuff, but there aren’t a whole lot of girls who provide the service.

Once preparations were taken care of, the booking officially started.

The three of us somehow get into the kiddy pool (pictured above), covered in nuru. Right from the start, we’re all slipping and sliding, and hoping not to take a header into the wall. While I’m struggling to get my balance, the girls are taking selfies.

The girls eventually get to the task at hand, which is to pin me down and take advantage of my slippery body. I received body slides from both girls, and snuck a tongue in-between their slippery thighs whenever I had the chance. How else is one meant to respond to boobies in the face and around my main fella? Even with all this, I just couldn’t imagine being able to fuck either of the girls in this tiny pull and covered in seaweed goo, but I was all for going along with the insanity, and trying all the same. Both girls would give me a blowjob before Kellie got on top and started riding me. Seeing those tits above me helped me make my mind off all the slipping around we were doing. It would’ve been a hell of a lot easier to fuck on the bed, but where’s the creativity in that? Eventually we did need to move to the bed though; we needed more years of training before we stepped foot into the ring.

We washed the nuru off and had a food and drink break. I vaguely recall vodka and cupcakes going down my gollet. More importantly, I remember taking Connie’s pussy and mixing it with the cupcake to make my very own cuntcake. It was quite the sweet delicacy, if I say so myself. A guy could get himself diabetes if he’s not careful! This however wasn’t the time to be thinking about that. Kellie would end up on the receiving end as well, being the glutton I am. Connie would however need her “Punty”, and obviously not for a mere tongue lashing of her cuntcake. Her cunt… cake needed some lovin’, and who am I to deny a naked woman of such a thing?

Over the remainder of the booking, we would all get some action in multiple positions, and I would try to attend to both girls at the same time wherever physically possible. If my penis wasn’t available, either my lips and tongue, fingers or Kellie’s vibrator were available to minimise idleness. At one point, Connie was going off like a firecracker. When you put a lot of effort into physical activity, sometimes things get out of hand. After a brief fracture scare of my “Clandestine muscle”, I was able to laugh off the whole incident and eventually finish myself off. I’m sure the girls would’ve done it themselves under different circumstances, but this was a delicate mission for my dainty hands. Kellie’s vibrator collection was certainly helpful! This handicap match had reached its conclusion. Bodies flew everywhere, bodies were pinned down, bodies took a pounding, and I nearly broke my knob. I’m not sure if there was a clear winner, but there were no losers here! Not even for the hotel’s cleaning staff since nuru apparently dries clear.


Well, this was fun! I wasn’t expecting to be covered in goo and then slide around in a pool which shouldn’t be able to fit three people in it, but we did it! I knew from the moment I saw these two together at the drinks night that this would be a worthwhile booking, and it ended up being just that. Thanks babes! Xx

February 2014 by member CM Punt

Read version online (Double with Constance Azura)

Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair is PRIVATE Melbourne Escort for men, women and couples specialist. Impeccable reputation with over 45+ positive reviews since entering the industry in 2012. Genuinely bisexual, sexy and passionate.

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