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Satisfyer Pro 2 – Review by Kellie Blair

kellie blair satisfyer pro2 review

Sex Toy Review

I was asked to test this toy, Satisfyer Pro 2 before it was even available in Australian stores. I was totally honoured and I take my toy review job very seriously just like my reputation, as I have to put my name and stand by all my reviews.

The satistyer Pro 2 is absolutely amazing and I can't rave about this toy enough. I was intrigued by it from the moment I received it. It reminded me of something a doctor would use to take your temperature and I had never seen anything like it. As it was sent straight from the manufacturer and didn't have any of the proper packaging, I had limited instructions but it easy to work out. To my absolute surprise it took minutes to reach my first of many orgasm. I was totally shocked and after 3 days of testing and multiply times of pleasure I was really interested in how this was happening without the toy even touching my clitoris. I stuck my little finger inside it and while on the toy had formed a gentle suction and rhythm. It actually feels like a partner is performing oral you, as it stimulates the whole area & it's the fast orgasm I've ever had.

I took it to a booking to test on the female in my couple booking and also tested it out on my escort playmate too. My client loved it with the same result and reaction to me as to how did that just happen, whereas my playmate who prefers more internal g-spot stimulation to orgasm was ok with the toy and found it a little frustrating and needed help to climax. So this toy is definite must have if your like me, and can climax externally from clitoris stimulation. I loved the fact that toy wasn't rubbing or touching my clit at all, as I find that too much of that can de-scensitise it, and make it harder to climax with your partner. I checked out the website as I was writing this review to ind out that the manufacturer recommends using it with a water based lube, which I will be testing out tonight. Also found out that the toy is totally waterproof and can be used in the bath too. So I'll just have to test that out too. Lol I've raved about this toy so much to my girlfriends but I won't lend it out because I can't be without it. I'll have to arrange a discount for a bulk purchase. Lol

The things I love about this toy

- how real it is to someone else giving you oral
- 11 functions, even though I've only tried the one
- easy clean
- the magnetic changing
- that no contact is made to the clitoris to achieve an orgasm
- how quickly you can climax and that you can have as many orgasms as you can handle in a row (3 was my maximum on a greedy night)
- so easy to use and it's portable

My Verdict:

I really loved this product and will definitely be keeping it in my bag of tricks. I'm sure that you will love it as much as I do & I highly recommend it.

The Features of the Satisfyer Pro 2

  • Touch free Clitoris Stimulation
  • Pressure wave stimulation
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Easy clean
  • Magnetic USB charging 
  • Waterproof for even more fun
  • Body-friendly silicone
  • 11 programs

Satisfyer Pro 2 - Instructional Video

This instruction video is featured on the Manufactures website  As seen on the website.

This review has been posted on Sex Toy Review Australia website on 23rd August 2016

Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair is PRIVATE Melbourne Escort for men, women and couples specialist. Impeccable reputation with over 45+ positive reviews since entering the industry in 2012. Genuinely bisexual, sexy and passionate.

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