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My second blog I'm going to share my latest swingers experience from a couple weeks ago, when I was in Sydney.  But just a warning it saucy, horny, lots of sex but its a factual story so I'm not going 'Mills n Bloom' it, so hopefully you will find it interesting and a good read.

had gotten an invite from lovely client of mine to meet him in Sydney and have our second Swingers club experience together & I jumped at the chance. To me he was the perfect play partner, not possessive, willing to stand back and watch if the girl just wanted to play with me, protective of me & would ask me if I wanted them to play, he is fit, hot & great in the sack to satisfy my insatiable desire for more, more, more, & we have chemistry in and out of bed.  Just Perfect.

We had planned to go to the club on the friday night to play with couples and single girls, and I had found out the night before when I went for a play, that friday was newbie night and 15 couples had booked in to come play. Being newbies, that could mean that it would probably be slow to start.  The time arrives & he calls to say he's downstairs, I had decided on the second night in a row that I was going out with no knickers. We go back up stairs to have a drink & I had ordered some dumplings to share from room service. As we enjoy our drink and chat about our day, I casually mention that I wasn't wearing any knickers & I could see his eyes light up. I told him about my awesome night at the club the night before, where while sitting the lounge mingling in heels, dress minus knickers, a complete stranger proceeded to go down on me after he found out i had no knickers.  It was a pretty horny experience & had definitely never happened to me before.

We arrive at the club, buzz the door bell & it's the job of the girl to speak before you are buzzed into a very discreet location. We head upstairs our drinks in hand, as it's BYO and there's some hot chicks to serve them for you in the upstairs lounge, we pay the entrance fee and get our locker key. After securely putting our belongings away, we venture to the upstairs lounge.  The lounge area is like any other bar with strategically placed couches for chatting, bar, music playing, it's dim lit and the only difference is there's porn playing on the big screen. We get our drinks and head to a lounge where to survey the crowd, we are only the 5 th couple & it's still early. We are getting all frisky, touching, feeling, kissing, as we get hornier in the anticipation.  We finish our first glass of wine and decide to go for a wonder downstairs in the play area, to see if there's any action to be spied on.

The Downstairs play area, takes up the whole second floor of the building. One end is the lockers, change area, spa, showers etc & the rest it Play area. It has dark wide walk area, with the first area being a big open playroom, oval in shape with mats on a platform area on one end of the room and a sex swing on the other, it's totally open for people to watch as they walk through. Then there's 4 private cubicle about 1.5x1.5 blackened play areas,  a red globe in a couple, other 2 dark with a curtain on the entrance to the matted platform and along the walkway there is a open slot the length on the wall, 1.2 high off the ground & the gap only 20cm high, where you can look in and view people having sex. Then finally there's last play area, it's well lit, with matts on the raised platform and runs the width of the building.

We walk through and it's really quite still, only 2 couples playing in the cubicle areas. The second couple are really noisy, and we go around the other side as it's a better view through through the partitions. My guy is enjoying  watching and as I'm rubbing him I feel his quite turned on, listening and watching the couple fuck. So I unzip and kneel in front him and begin to  blow him while he enjoys the view of both scenarios. By this time another couple had ventured down and were watching me pleasure him. When his had enough, he pulls me up, spins me around, lifts my skirt, condom on & fucks me while i'm bent over this =table until he comes, all the while being watched by a few couples. I love a man that can takes charge, that was round one.  He zips up & I pull my dress down and we head upstairs to have another wine.  By now there are more like 15-18 couples, some really cute ones and we plot away at who we would like to play with, as we walk through pass the billiards table and outside to the smokers courtyard. On the way back we challenge a cute couple to couples billiards. While drinking, playing pool, getting to know this couple, touching, kissing over a couple games.  At the end we all go downstairs & as this was their first time, I give them a tour through the play area, and when my man returns from changing into a towel, the couple decide to go back upstairs, I think & the female wasn't as sold on the idea and they weren't ready to play yet, so we go on without them.

In the play areas, there was a lot more action, especially in the darker rooms, & as we walk by the sex swing I mention I've never really used it. He puts me in it, I'm still in my dress and heels, now my feet are in the streps and he proceeds to make me cum a few times will people are walking by, standing around watching, a total turn on.  A guy had sat down directly opposite my vag, while his girlfriend is standing next to me playing with my nipples.  My guy asks me if i want to let the guy have a turn, I say sure. So he does & makes me cum, then his girlfriend has a go. After a few orgasms with mouth and fingers, and legs up in the streps, I've had enough and want to get out of my dress while my guy is off playing with the girlfriend and another couple on the matted area.  I change into my skimpy black lingerie and keep my heels on, come back to find my guy has had some fun and ready to go back up for another drink,  and check if any other couples take our fancy.

There are a few & still our pool playing couple are still around and haven't played yet.  We walk back down and through the play area & find 2 cute couples playing side by side while the girls pleasured each other, on the large matted area at the back of the club. We go lay close by and start to play together. One of the couples leaves and now the girl is being fucked in doggy, so I start kissing her & its  mutual. I ask if I can go down on her, which she gladly accepts, changes position on to her back and i lay in between her legs. While i'm doing it, my guy is pleasuring me and it feels like heaven & looks so horny too. I make her come & she wants to return the favour and I gladly oblige. At one point, she's eating me out, my guy sucking one boob, another sucking another & her guy fucking her. The other guy turns out to be the guy of the couple we played pool with. The couple climax and she comes and kisses me before leaving with her partner. The girl of the pool couple joins us & my guy starts playing with her, while her guy is fucking me in doggy. Being her first time and probably not that into it, she doesn't seem to be that responsive. He starts to play with me, while I'm still being fucked by her man.  We end off climaxing together and as he pulls out, my guy is hard & ready to go,  so he fucks me in that position until we cum together.

It was awesome play night & a wonderful way to end the night with him inside me.  We shower, and dress and head back to the hotels, it turns out to be 1.30am, theres lots more play going on but with flights to catch in the morning it's best not to risk it.  He's a total pleasure to spend time with & leaves me hanging for more, & I'm sure I do the same to him as round 3 is already planned for Sydney in August & I can't wait!!!  🙂

If you think you can handle some of that, then there's lot's of information on my swingers page on my website & let's discuss it.

My Swingers Companion Page

Kellie xx

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Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair is PRIVATE Melbourne Escort for men, women and couples specialist. Impeccable reputation with over 45+ positive reviews since entering the industry in 2012. Genuinely bisexual, sexy and passionate.

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