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The Parties – My first Saints and Sinners

My first Saints and sinners ball - Since posting my first swinging experience at a newbie ‘meet and greet’ party, I have experienced many more both in Melbourne and Sydney and overall it’s been awesome.  One party that has stuck out more than the others is the Saints and Sinners ball.

After deciding to venture out and explore different parties to see what else was out there, seeing the Saints and Sinners ball was coming up, I decided to go with my fuck-buddy Mike. I bought tickets online and like all parties and events these are tailored for couples or single girls. As the theme was Halloween, I decided to dress as a horny devil.

The location is never revealed until the night as soon as it was, we  head and turn up at the venue. (I won’t be mention it here, but it has been held at a few different places) We show tickets and were given a black garbage bag for us to strip and put on our costumes. So we find a corner, do as instructed and hand the bag over to staff to tag for you to locate your clothing later on when you leave.

We walk in and it’s like a night-club with great music, lights and bars. It was fantastic to see everyone dressed in all sorts of costumes, some with nothing but body paint. With four levels to explore and have fun in, swingers everywhere, it was by far the biggest event I had experienced to date. As we walked through the party looking around, there was a lot fun going on and I was getting rather excited myself. In the darkened corners there were people fucking, all in groups of  three or four, and even more.  All in midst of having sex out in the open like it didn’t matter. It was exhilarating. There were swingers of all shapes and sizes, all different ages, just expressing their sexuality without rules or judgment.  There were so many hot girls and guys around, all I wanted to do was pash them all and I was just getting hornier and hornier and my knickers wetter.

Mike and I got a drink and made our way upstairs to the top floor, we noticed half of it was exposed with no roof, there were so many people around we made it at snail’s pace going through. There was also a staged area with a bondage display of a half naked woman restrained being whipped and another having hot candle dripped on her. The girls were obviously enjoying it and to me it looked interesting to watch but probably not my cup of tea.

We walked on further inside and then I was approached by a very hot woman, wearing a bikini top and tiny mini skirt. By her side she had two gentlemen dressed in black latex and gimp masks. She had one on each arm on a leash.  She started kissing me on approach and I remember thinking ‘Fuck is this happening?’, then she says , “would you like him to please you?” looking at one of the men on her arm. And I replied, “sure”.  She then ordered him to eat me out.  The masked guy bends down in front of me and starts tonguing me. I started thinking, ‘OMG - this is just too much’. It was just too full on, and not having this kind of experience before, I suddenly got embarrassed and self-conscious. I had to tell her I didn’t want any more.  He stopped on her command and off they went as she led them away.

Wow. I needed another drink after that.  Mike and I then went down to the next level, it was a bit quieter and less hectic and there was 80’s music playing in the background.  This level had many more quiet dark places but it still didn’t stop the many swingers just going for it out in the open anyway.

There was a black box, with holes cut out at different levels.  This I found out was the grope box. So I thought to try it, inside there was nothing but darkness and I would have hands touching me around my legs, another set of hands exploring my breasts, and then another. It was sensory overload, which I found very enjoyable.  When I had a pair of fingers inserted in me, within minutes I had my first orgasm.  All whilst more hands were groping, touching and pleasing, it was just too much of a turn on,  I then orgasmed again.

It was such a turn on, being touched and pleased, not knowing who was on the other side. It was thrilling and just amazing. I came out of the box like I was on heat, so horny from the experience that I just wanted a shag as soon as possible.  I grab Mike by the hand and led him to a couched area I spotted and sat him down. I  knelt in front of him and start making him hard enough to ride.  As I pleasured him I look up and saw a hot chick has sat down beside him and begun kissing him. She then joins me and we take turns sucking and kissing him. Mike, now very hard and ready, slid my knickers to one side and began to let me ride him.  Fuck it was good, especially after the two orgasms earlier on. The chick sits close and within Mikes reach for him to start fingering her, whilst I ride him. At one point he took his fingers out of her and stuck them in my mouth so I could taste her.  It wasn’t long before I came again.

I then jumped off and started sucking him again before moving towards the chick with us and licked her out, she tasted great, and very wet.  She then started sucking Mike, whilst I fingered her and licked her clit. She jumped on Mike’s cock and rode him as I kissed him and allowed him to suck on my boobs by pressing them in front of his face. It was so fucking hot when she came, and seconds later Mike blew also.  She then went off and left Mike and I pashing as we re-composed ourselves on the couch before heading back out to yet another level and another horny experience.

‘Saints and Sinners’ was so full on compared to the other dance type parties I had been to before. It was eye opening, horny to say the least and just fantastic.  I’ve been back many times, as well as other great parties such as the Purr parties and Hot Kandi in Sydney.

It’s a great place to have drink, have dance, see and experience things you have never dreamed of and it’s truly experiences that will never be forgotten.  I’ve used many of those nights in many masturbation sessions and I’m even horny writing this.  If you get the opportunity I recommend taking it, ‘Saints and Sinners’ is an out of this world experience, it’s even been reported as one of the ‘69 sexy things to do before you die’.

‘Saints and Sinners’ is probably the raunchiest adult party in Australia to date and has been going for nearly nineteen years and is still run by the same organiser. It has a worldwide following attracting swingers by the thousands all in one venue, all half naked and dressed in the event’s chosen theme.  This event happens four times a year and it’s like going to dance party with a sexy twist. Video footage on the night taken are produced into DVD’s, which are then sold throughout sex shops and online.

Since my blog was published I’ve read comments by others rubbishing the scene, calling it sleazy and so forth but I guess everyone opinions are their own and I can only assume are on their own experiences. Yeah, I too know of some parties and places that can be the case and these are events I won’t attend and won’t recommend. So that’s why I highly recommend going with someone with knowledge and background of the scene to ensure you have a great and safe time.

I hope my blog will give you some pointers and tips and with my five years experience in the scene and chosen lifestyle, feel free to ask if you have any questions.  If you would like to attend a function with me anywhere in Australia or beyond, here's the kink to My swingers page & let's talk.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve also included some video footage in this post so you can have a snippet of what to expect at one of the events that I have attended.

Saints and Sinners ball - Melbourne


Purr party – Melbourne


Hot Kandi – Sydney


Kellie xx

Kellie Blair - Melbourne Escort

Disclaimer - Even though Condoms aren't mentioned in the above post, I always practice safe sex.

Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair
Kellie Blair is PRIVATE Melbourne Escort for men, women and couples specialist. Impeccable reputation with over 45+ positive reviews since entering the industry in 2012. Genuinely bisexual, sexy and passionate.

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